Be The Hero For Your Client

Otso is leveraged in leases as an alternative to locking up capital in traditional securitization such as cash deposits or letters of credit. With Otso, your clients can reap the benefits of keeping cash in their business.

Over 70% of brokerage professionals feel Otso can help close deals with BETTER outcomes for their clients.


Tenants don't want to tie up cash in a lease deposit.

We built a better way to lease....

There's nothing more wasteful to a business than locking up tens of thousands of dollars for years on no interest.

We provide Tenants with important capital flexibility throughout their lease term with ZERO effect on their credit capacity or ability to borrow.


Using Otso is seamless, secure and easy. We make approvals fast and issue documents even faster!


Tenant Applies

We currently cover securitization amounts as small as $1,000 up to over $500,000. The Tenant will complete a 5-minute online financial assessment application for the amount requested by the Landlord when they've found a location of interest or recommended by their representatives while seeking space.


Apply Online

Otso provides your client with a financial report they can use to show potential Landlords their financial strength, the very same-day.


The Otso Approval

Seek space with confidence, our pre-approval letter outlines how strong your client is along with the amount we are willing to guarantee.


Negotiate a Deal

That's where you come in! Find your client the perfect space for their needs, knowing you have the backing of Otso and the ability to save your client thousands of dollars in capital flexibility. When you're ready we'll issue docs along with the lease signing.


Here Is What Tenants Are Saying About Us

This feels like the future.

- VR Industry CEO

Real estate is a core part of our business model so we are executing leases across the country. Our tenant rep added Otso as part of our strategy saving us millions.

- Series C Backed Executive

In a traditional lease scenario we'd be looking at potentially millions of dollars locked up in deposits or sequestered in letters of credit across our planned location growth. With Otso, we're literally freeing up millions of dollars in capital.

- Fortune 100 Executive

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