Otso Offers Solutions

For your Tenants

Market your building “deposit-free” while providing a platform for your Tenants to be more successful from day one of their Leases.

For your Accountant

No more collecting incomplete background and credit information on prospective Tenants. Get a complete financial history with Otso, at step one.

For your Assets

Unlock thousands of dollars in currently “dead” money kept as security deposits through increased rent. Capitalized income increases sale and finance options.

Let our clients convince you

Jeff Beard
Owner, Broker and Developer
Otso allows us to get the information we need from interested tenants incredibly fast. We'e making better credit decisions with less paperwork and receiving more rent. It's a huge positive across our properties.
Scott Stevens
Long term Owner
Cash deposits are a huge pain, we always ended up fighting in a default just to use it. With Otso, we get paid no matter what.
Michelle Debrun
Happy Client
Otso gives me a financial history that is 10X what we normally receive. Tenant's are happier to keep their cash and put it into their spaces as well.
Robert Chamber
Asset Manager
We own over 200 properties and sell/buy/finance them all regularly. Otso has reduced the complexity from tracking these across our portfolio while increasing Tenant retention. It's a win.
Advanced Technology
Integrations with Stripe, Plaid and DNBI allow for near-instant financial assessment and reporting.
Everything is electronic, automated and stored for you securely.
Your Choice...on Every Lease
Otso is a bucket, even after approvals you hold the decision on whether to use our Guarantees or another deposit method. Every time.
Your Terms
You set the terms of your rents, we let you know our fees and you control the lease negotiations. Like it should be.
Many Assets
Use Otso on one or one thousand of your properties. It’s up to you.
Customer Care
From setup to claims, our team is here for you to answer questions and help.

Make your Buildings Shine

Otso is an advantage for Landlords. Tenants want flexibilty with their cash for the same reasons they amortize construction into a lease. Let us shoulder some of the risk for you and give you the tools to make more leases, with better information and more rent.