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The State of Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Covid-19

Given the uncertainty in the CRE industry right now, we thought it would be useful to aggregate information, predictions and real-time data on the crisis for our audience.

Otso covers the state of commercial real estate leasing with Covid-19

We broke down the data into six (6) sections, here is some summary/insight on the data from our end to help you digest the infographic as well as direct links to many of the sources.

Rent Performance and Covid Impacts

Source: DATEX Property Solutions

Analytics and Scenarios for Default Risk Modeling

Source: Analytics IQ

Brokerage Industry Sentiment and Deal Flow Predictions for 2020

Sources: Multiple, but CREtech has a nice study here.

Tenant Relief Requests by Industry

Sources: Multiple, WSJ article here.

Predictions on Absorption, Vacancy and Completions

Extra thanks to Moody’s Analytics who has put together a super-handy tool for the industry to monitor the crisis and it’s impact…we highly recommend checking this out. You can access reports, tools, presentations and more.

Moody’s Analytics

As always, we’re here to provide solutions and guidance to the CRE industry right now. We can help your portfolio navigate this crisis with our industry-first AA-rated guarantee program to accelerate leasing with prospects and provide financial relief to existing tenants. Learn more today.

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3 Ways CRE Teams Can Help Businesses and Property Owners

Helping Businesses and Strategizing as a CRE Stakeholder in the Time of Covid-19.


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