Otso funds businesses and allows Landlords to reduce risk.

Capital is valuable in the hands of tenants, especially now more than ever. As we begin to climb out of this economical calamity, one thing is absolutely going to be true: Businesses will have less cash on hand than they did before. 

Closing the gap on deals (even renewals) will require more risk-taking from landlords, but Otso can help reduce that friction for businesses and give landlords enhanced coverage against default.

Leverage the power of the “Otso Option” to not require deposits on any leases you’re currently working…and imagine returning deposits to your existing tenants by replacing cash on file with our AA-rated Guarantees.

A Real World Example

“Johnny’s” Restaurant Invests $10,000 vs Depositing Funds.

Join Otso today, it's fast and free.

Start returning critical capital to businesses today.  Assess businesses faster and fairly while offering up to $50,000 in reduced capital needs, all in a matter of minutes.  Our program is 100% free for landlords to join and we will provide free financial reports on every deal.

We can help manage risk in this crisis and beyond…

Our Partner, Euler Hermes, backs every guarantee we write. They have 135+ years of history and have weathered critical events globally for decades while paying out billions in claims for their customers.

Right now, our financial reporting is provided to you at no cost and we’re tracking the health of over 85M businesses.

Benefits of Otso for a Landlord…100% Free to Join.

  • AA-rated guarantees that cover every instance of default that your lease does, while allowing businesses more liquidity than simply placing cash on file over the term of the lease.
  • Tenants love keeping their cash (especially in the current environment). This provides them a solution to help close the gap with new deals you’re working, or to incentivize/benefit your existing tenants.
  • Typically, our customers end up with enhanced (3X on average) coverage against default instances as well.
Enhanced Coverage Against Defaults

Otso Guarantees not only provide deal-making liquidity to businesses…they improve your asset’s risk profile by 3X vs cash.

How Can a Landlord Leverage Otso Right Now?

By returning cash deposits to businesses and ending letters of credit by swapping them our for our AA-rated guarantees. We can facilitate the return of up to $50,000 to your tenants, fast. This is essential liquidity that can help them make payroll and survive this crisis.

A $10,000 Security Deposit can be returned as low as $50/month*

Even before this crisis, in a survey of 1,000+ businesses over 70% would rather have the cash and called it a “deciding factor” when choosing a lease or renewal. Otso can only help your buildings and tenants right now. Let’s get started today.