Get Essential Capital Back for Your Business during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Otso can facilitate the return of your cash security deposit or release from a letter of credit by exchanging it for our industry-first AA-rated guarantee that still provides your Landlord with the collateral and coverage they need.

  • Given the current environment, cash left in a deposit is wasteful when businesses have obligations like payroll, rent, supplies, equipment and a host of other concerns due to this shutdown.

  • We strongly believe our program is incredibly relevant in any market and that cash is always best kept in the hands of the business, not in some deposit account.

Get your cash back for your business. Start the process by introducing us to your Landlord. Otso is 100% Free to Join.

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We can onboard, approve and facilitate the return of up to $50,000 in deposits in a matter of days. Get started and use your capital for what it is needed most for, your business.

Help and Resources for Covid-19

Click here to find out how small businesses can increase liquidity and get their security deposit back. Otso is offering up to $50,000 in returned capital from deposits through our program for Tenants and Landlords.

Click here to read our guide on how to handle your current lease obligations effectively given the crisis.

Gain valuable insights into business resources available from the SBA, CDC, Community Efforts and More…

Get Up to $50,000 Approved Today

Otso Guarantees are not a loan. No obligation sits on your books and no repayment is required if performance standards are met.


How Can a Tenant Leverage Otso Right Now?

  • We can facilitate the return of up to $50,000 to you, fast. This is essential liquidity that can businesses make payroll and survive this crisis.
  • A $10,000 Security Deposit can be returned for as low as $50/month*
  • Need advice on your lease? We’re available to assist.

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