We’re signing leases with additional base rent while reducing our risk. Yea…it makes that much sense. That’s why we partnered with Otso as soon as we got introduced to the concept.

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Whether you have one vacancy or an existing building with 80+ Tenants we can help you drive additional rents with less risk and complexity.  Otso is 100% Free to join, get started today.

The Future of Leasing

Traditional collateral in commercial leases are wasteful, costly and slow down deals. Otso brings an industry-first solution through our guarantees to attract and retain tenants for your commercial buildings. Use Otso as much or as little as you need and it’s free to join. 

      • Offer new, or existing Tenants Otso Guarantees.
      • With every application submitted, you’ll get key information on a businesses’ financial status including banking history.
      • Documents are simple, fast and all electronic so your deals happen faster.
      • We can cover more than a deposit…i.e. TI overages and other key friction points in a lease.

Fast Decisions


Scaleable to You

We Help you Attract, Qualify and Close Leases with 300% Less Risk.

Attracting Leases

Capitalize on the power of marketing to potential tenants as “deposit-free” building. Allowing businesses to keep more of their working capital up front is a serious advantage in deal-making, especially right now.

There is no software to learn and no costs to join or apply.

    1. Every building gets a secure link to have businesses apply.
    2. The application process will take them less than five minutes.
    3. We can approve and issue guarantees for $1-50,000 the very same day. Need More? We can handle that in 48-72 hours.

It’s that simple.

Otso is not backing businesses who cannot put up or are unable to provide a traditional deposit/meet their leasing terms…rather, we’re helping well-qualified businesses use their capital more efficiently.

If there is ever an issue? We pay claims fast. Here is how we have you covered.

Close the Gaps

Underwhelming cash deposits, overages in tenant allowances, “burn-offs”…are common in a lease and result in a Landlord taking more risk, with no coverage.

With Otso, we provide you with a Guarantee that:

      1. Covers every instance of default your lease does, for the life of the term.
      2. Gains an additional 300%+ more coverage against those defaults risks in a lease.
      3. Never decreases in value, ever. 

Otso is a faster, better way to sign leases. 

True Financial Insights

Understanding the true financial condition of a prospect or business is incredibly difficult. Even public credit information is woefully incomplete, especially for small/midsize businesses.

Otso financial reports are the new way to make better lease decisions:

      1. We provide information on applicants history, public credit file AND banking history.
      2. We assess two (2) years of current and historical cash management.
      3. Applications are free and create no obligation.

Otso is a tool for you and an option. The choice on what collateral to collect is always yours.

Simply use Otso to understand more about your prospects and if appropriate and approved, we can help you make a better deal with less risk.

See How Landlords, Brokers and Tenants are All Benefiting from Otso