Otso is a wonderful creation.  We can differentiate ourselves and attract tenants while those tenants are able to put the money that would otherwise be tied up back into their businesses.

-Ken Ashley, Atlanta GA

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We take businesses from “prospect” to “qualified” in minutes. Start leveraging our exclusive credit and cash powered financial reports today.

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The Future of Leasing

We qualify tenants better. Our standards are exceptional, powered by our proprietary oracle that uses Experian Credit history along with actual cash history from the business to assess their ability to pay rent over time.

Every policy is 100% backed by Accelerant, an AM Best Rated A- Insurer and administered by Assurely, an award-winning Insurtech Program Adminstrator.

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Attract More Tenants

87% of Tenants will choose a property with deposit-free over competitor properties that do not offer Otso as an option.

Bring Tenants from prospect to qualified and approved in minutes.

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Decisions in Minutes

300% More Coverage

Renew Tenants Earlier

Incentivize early renewals with existing tenants by returning cash deposits and gaining more protection on every deal.

Close Deals Faster

Tenants experience a seamless, friendly application process and you will gain their financial report in minutes.

Our policies are executed seamlessly with your lease, done deal.

relief in commercial leases
Give your Tenants the Option

Otso allows Tenants the ability to put their cash to work, day one, on their business and Landlords to offload a portion of the decisioning and credit risk of a commercial lease.  Offering this seamless experience is a huge advantage.

With Otso, you get the final decision on every deal, the power is yours.