Uncertainty in the CRE industry (and the economy at large) has never been higher. As businesses struggle to understand the health and economic implications on their physical space needs, Landlords and their leasing management teams are grappling with a challenging environment and how best to serve their clients.

We speak with many of these stakeholders on a daily basis from owners of multi-tenant centers to small businesses concerned about cash management. Our solution was built to bridge the gap between landlord and tenant in any deal. 

That’s why we’re so excited to bring the next phase of the Otso evolution to market today. We’re proud to introduce Otso Pre-Approvals.

Oftentimes businesses are not only unclear about their space needs and long-term growth considerations in a lease, but they are also routinely shocked by the high initial costs associated just with getting occupied in a new space.

We’re not just talking about rents, we’re talking about the rising costs of interior construction, overages in tenant allowances and yes, even the up-front depository requirements for a deal.

We’ve covered this quandary in depth, but suffice to say the status quo of collecting or requiring the lock-up of valuable cash in a lease has become more and more undesirable. In the current environment, it’s downright untenable

How can property ownership expect to drive leasing in competitive markets with increasing vacancies while asking for significant cash up-front? They want to reduce risk in a difficult market but end up taking more risk in a deal, just to get a lease signed.

Trust us, we get it. Landlords need collateral and frankly deserve better than the one to two months cash or equivalents they usually end up receiving. In fact, it takes the average landlord years to even break even on a new lease…all while shouldering major initial costs and risks.

We built Otso to make this better. Our AA-rated guarantees allow for increased capital flexibility for users (deposit-free leasing!) while covering the landlord for 3-4X the average deposit in a lease. We’re not only bridging the gap on deposits but on tenant improvement allowances and many other transactions where either tenant or landlord is feeling uncomfortable with the risks.

In phase one of Otso, we created the ability for landlords to offer Otso to their prospective and existing tenancy with a simple, secure link. Now, we’re excited to roll-out our second phase. 

The Otso Pre-Approval

Imagine a business negotiating with a landlords on a space with the strength and comfort of a AA-rated guarantee from Euler Hermes (135 years of history). No more questions on your history or plans, no more filling out onerous credit “apps” or hand-writing sources and uses docs.  

Apply with Otso in less than five minutes and get a decision the very same-day.

We can approve up to $50,000 in minutes ($50,000+ takes up to 72 hours) per lease and can facilitate the replacement of any depository requirements, improvement allowance overages or other increased cash requests in your lease, with landlord approval. Just like when you go to purchase a home, financing is an essential component of a strong offer.  

An Otso Pre-Approval brings that strength to your commercial lease negotiations.

Start your lease with more cash in your pocket, we’ll back your performance for the value of the guarantee for life of the primary term and any instance of default the lease document outlines.

Here’s what you get when you apply and are approved.

  • A pre-approval letter good for ninety (90) days from us, on any space you choose with Landlord acceptance.
  • Our exclusive financial report that you can share with anyone of your choosing.
  • Our team’s support to guide, explain and introduce the concept to anyone on your team or the Landlords team.  

Our goal is to get you a better leasing experience as a business and a better coverage against risks for the landlord. 

Considering a new lease? Renewing soon? Save upfront costs and lease deposit-free. 

We facilitate guarantees on both new deals and renewals, in our minds no one should be putting up a cash deposit every again.

Read the full press release here:


If you’re a tenant rep, join our partner program and get compensated for helping your clients enjoy leasing without tying up cash for years on end.

Any business with at least one-year of operations can apply, learn more about our requirements.

Here are some more resources describing our program along with the Top Questions on Otso.

Otso for Tenants

Otso for Landlords

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