About Us

There is $250 Billion dollars right now in cash locked up in commercial real estate deposits in this country.  Landlords secure the risks of their leases by requiring a Tenant to put collateral up front most commonly in the form of cash or letters of credit  And you know what? $250B may sound like a big number, but it’s not nearly good enough for Landlords. Oh, and for the Tenant, there is no greater waste of capital than locking up ANY amount of money for years on end at ZERO percent interest.

As landlords ourselves our founding team was always so frustrated with the enormous gap in what we could collect in cash in comparison to the growing size of our deal costs. We’ve personally felt the pang in our stomachs- we’d be asked to put 12 months of rent equivalent into a deal to get a tenant signed and then only collect a month or two in cash as security for defaults.

Introducing Otso – the new standard for lease security that serves as a solution to traditional cash security. We partnered with industry leaders Assurely and Accelerant to offer insurance that allows landlords to gain significantly more in coverage than they typically would collect in cash while freeing up a ton of capital for the tenant. Assurely acts as our program administrator while Accelerant backs every insurance policy with A-rated credit. Together we provide access to the best lease security in commercial real estate.

All of our solutions are powered by our industry-first decisioning technology that allows Landlords to assess a Tenant’s creditworthiness in a matter of minutes.  Landlords get the coverage they need to feel comfortable with a quality Tenant, while Tenants get to keep that capital for what matters most, their business.

Founded in 2019, Otso offers lease insurance for office, retail, and industrial assets in the United States through our partnership with Assurely and Accelerant. We can help in over 40 states right now, let’s talk about how we can make Otso an advantage in your lease today.

Meet Our Team

We’re a dedicated group of commercial real estate, finance and insurance professionals leading the change to a better leasing experience in the industry.